The Mighty Tower

A Historical Monument

Built between 1939 and 1941, the water tower supplied until 1990 the surrounding villages with drinking water. The recent protection as a monument allowed us to renovate it completely with the help of Mauro Brigham, a renowned Interior Architect.
This renovation has been a quest for perfection. All the used techniques and materials are beyond your expectations. Furthermore, its authentic character has been preserved: the former water tank, the original staircases and ceilings and the giant steel water tube are the witnesses of its former live. They are now in perfect harmony with the interior design and the implementation of the most modern equipment.

Our Tower on TV

We regularly catch the interest of press magazines, news and tv shows, going from the New York Times to the Chinese Bund Pictorial. In France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and of course Belgium we received several awards celebrating the architecture, design and originality of our tower. Here are two tv shows organising a complete visit, each in its own way.

De watertoren inspireerde reeds vele gekende gasten.
Hier zie je meesterkok Peter Goossens aan het werk voor NJAM.
Reportage produit par la RTBF.
Émission : Une brique dans le ventre.

The Kirsten Dirksen Show (USA).